Have you ever been to a panel discussion that was dry, inauthentic, 'overly scripted', and made you fall asleep?  Well, you’re not alone, and those very experiences were part of what inspired the Full Circle Dialogue offering for panel moderation.  Kevin Graybill, Founder and Director of Full Circle Dialogue, brings the organic and stimulating nature of dialogue to panel discussions via Socratic questioning strategies, deep listening, authenticity, humility, audience engagement, and pre-panel “container building” with panelists.

"As someone who has both watched and sat on many panels, I am well aware of the profound difference a good moderator can make.  There are several practices that make a panel great, including good researching of the panelists by the moderator, short, concise introductions given by the moderator (not the panelists), interesting and engaging questions and an ability to follow these questions wherever they might lead, and a strong ability to keep time, making sure that every panelist has equal time.  Kevin shows all of these skills, as well as a winning, warm personality that gives the panel a homey, conversational feel, while adhering to best practices.  I would definitely recommend Kevin as  moderator at any event.  

-Molly Lannon Kenny, Founder and Director, The Samarya Center